Driving In Spain Dream Home In The Sun

Driving in Spain

Featured Image by Omar Ramadan from Pexels Driving in Spain – Some tips and advise! Remember “if in doubt dont!” The traffic police do not give kindly to drivers and road users not knowing or understanding the rules. There is abundant information online in all languages, so ensure you are up to date and understand the road rules. DRINKING AND DRIVING: Best advise that...

House Prices In Spain Dream Home In The Sun

House Prices Rising In Spain

Featured Image by Manuel Torres Garcia from Pexels Anyone who has looked at the property market in the United Kingdom can’t have failed to notice that house prices have been rising in recent times. There are many reasons for house prices to rise, but a huge factor is the supply of homes cannot keep up with the demand for property. When this situation arises, it is inevitable that property...

Spanish Wine Dream Home In The Sun

Spain is one of the worlds top wine-producing countries

Spain has a long history of producing quality wine, 50 percent of all the EECs vineyards are located here. Wines from Spain are mostly memorable offering a large selection of Reds, White and Rose wines, which thankfully, are mostly inexpensive for the quality on offer. Rioja ( from the yards around Logrono ) is rightly Spain's best-known wine and includes wines such as Cune, Berberana, Marques...

Spanish Weather Dream Home In The Sun

The Weather in Spain

In general, the weather in Spain is pretty good with one of the most enviable climates in Europe. Spain enjoys a mostly warm Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and clement winters. Southern Spain and the Canary Islands enjoy some of the warmest of the weather, especially hot in July and August whilst Northern Spain has milder summers with wetter winters. Spain boasts over 3000 sunshine...

Warm Coast Dream Home In The Sun

The Costa Calida – Spain’s warm coast

In the southeastern part of the Iberian peninsular around 40 kms east of the city of Murcia lies the spectacular Costa Calida ( the Warm Coast ). The region sits between the Costa Blanca to the North and the Costa Almeria in the south. With an enviable climate and fine beaches, the Costa Calida is one of Spain’s top destinations and increasingly popular with...

Beautiful Spain Dream Home In The Sun

5 Reasons Why Spain is Europe’s Most Beautiful Country

Spain is Europe’s most beautiful country. This is not meant to be unfair to other European countries which are also spectacular in their own right but Spain is just the number 1. This article is going to quickly explain 5 reasons why Spain comes out on top in terms of overall beauty. As you’ll see there are some very good causes for why Spain is Europe’s 2nd most visited country and around 81...

Expat Essential Guide Dream Home In The Sun

Living In Spain As An Expat – The Essential Guide

Spain's wonderful climate, culture and nature have long held it as one of our most desirable expat destinations. Our essential guide will get you off to a flying start. In this guide, we’ll look at the pros and cons of living in Spain, how to organise your move and settle down, what paperwork it takes to become a resident, how to sort out your bank accounts, doctors, register with your local...

Guide To Buying Property In Spain

A Complete Guide To Buying A Property In Spain

The Spanish property purchasing process explained plus helpful tips to make buying a property in Spain as smooth as possible. Buying a property in Spain is usually a big step in fulfilling your dream of living in a sunny Mediterranean climate and enjoying the seaside. The whole process might be (and should be) an enjoyable experience. You simply need to know how Spain’s property market works and...

The Pros Of Living In Spain

The pros of living in Spain

1. Spain offers great value for money This is a vital consideration, especially for retirees. You naturally want your retirement income not just to last, but to allow you to afford a better lifestyle than you would have in your home country. Living in Spain is cheaper than in the USA, UK or any other northern European country. For a single person, a budget of €2,000-2,200 a month is enough for a...

Living In Spain Dream Home In The Sun

What is it like living in Spain?

Moving to Spain probably means you’re going to experience quite a radical lifestyle change. The lifestyle that relocating expats find in Spain sometimes could not be further removed from what they are used to in their home countries. One reason the country is so appealing to sun-starved northerners There is far more emphasis on being with family, relaxing and enjoying the best lifestyle that Spain...

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