What is it like living in Spain?

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Living In Spain Dream Home In The Sun

Moving to Spain probably means you’re going to experience quite a radical lifestyle change. The lifestyle that relocating expats find in Spain sometimes could not be further removed from what they are used to in their home countries. One reason the country is so appealing to sun-starved northerners

There is far more emphasis on being with family, relaxing and enjoying the best lifestyle that Spain has to offer.

Things happen slowly, sometimes frustratingly slowly for expats. Mornings can easily stretch into afternoons, small businesses can close for unspecified siestas. Many newly arrived residents get really frustrated that nothing, even the simplest things, get done on time.

Spaniards love and value both me-time and family time. In August the whole country shuts down for one month and literally, every Spaniard goes on vacation. Everything slows down, many businesses shut their doors and people head for the beach. 

Don’t count on getting too much done in August.

Also if you’re planning to move to a coastal town in Spain, it’s a good idea to check just how busy your intended location gets at this time of year as scores of tourists arrive causing crowds, traffic, and other hassles that you might not want right at your front door. 

After the August holidays, everything goes back to its usual steady routine.

It doesn’t take long to adapt to the change in culture and realise what you have been missing out on by constantly being on the go and living to work rather than just working enough to live.

As you start to accept the new culture you’re living in you can expect a positive change in your quality of life, with an enhanced feeling of well-being. It might sound insignificant, however, this new feeling of well-being is deeply addictive, and once you’ve experienced it you will want to hang on to it.

That’s why so many expats fall in love with Spain – it’s easier to feel well and enjoy life there. 

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